If I had my way I would run 4 days a week. I would run at 6:30 AM in the summer months and 9:30 AM in the Fall, Winter, and Spring. Unfortunately, my schedule does not always permit this to happen. Like many people who work during the day, I find myself having to squeeze in my morning run or workout around 5:00AM. Between work, meetings, church, and community service commitments, I’m usually not free again until 8:00 PM, sometimes later. There are many people out there who run early in the morning (like myself), or late at night. The truth of the matter is, no matter when you run you should always be alert.

Last week the body of an African American woman was found in the Spillway at White Rock Lake. The story hit that Tuesday and really didn’t get that much publicity afterwards. No developing stories as of yet but the body was recovered at the Spillway, a place where I park to run alone. On multiple occasions I have met up with all female running groups at this spot. As you can imagine, this tragedy really hit home for me.

As a runner and running coach, I think about the safety of my fellow runners. I know that I can’t control what happens to who and when it might happen. However, I can play a role in creating opportunities for Safety Awareness For Runners.

Therefore, I have reached out to DFW Krav Maga Self Defense Fighting School to offer a special self defense class on Friday, December 28th from 7:00PM to 8:30PM. If you live in Dallas or the surrounding area, I recommend you take this class. Two months ago I took my female students to a Krav Maga workshop and within 10 minutes they learned how to escape a two-handed choke hold, being restrained from behind, and being straddled on the the ground. The techniques are instinct based and easy to catch on to.

It may be scary to imagine being attacked. But keep in mind that dangerous things happen every day. And the stories of runners and normal people being attacked are not slowing down. Even if you run with a tazer or a concealed weapon, there is still that window of a few seconds where your instincts need to be in tact and ready to defend yourself. Keep in mind, it was not confirmed that the body found was a runner. However, I take finding a person’s body at a place I frequent a startling wake up call.

The cost of the class is $22.50 and men are more than welcome to take the class too. You do not have to pay until you arrive but you do need to RSVP via Eventbrite. The class maximum is 50 people. If you know you want to attend, I highly recommend you RSVP as soon as possible because this message will also be posted on my website, SportyAfros.com, my Facebook Fan Page, and Twitter reaching on average 40,000 people a month.

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