So what in the world does an ingrown toenail have to do with discipline? I experienced my first ingrown toenail two weeks ago. A visit to the nail salon turned into the setting of my latest Runner’s Revelation. What I thought was going to be a nice pleasant visit switched gears when my pedicurist pulled out “special tools” I’d never seen before. She went down in my big toe deeper than usual and I found myself wanting to grab her out of shock not violence. When she went in for her first dig I braced my hands on the chair and raised up. She quickly said “Ingrown nail! Ingrown nail!” I sat back while giving her the side eye. As she continued I googled ingrown toe nails on my phone and lo and behold guess what the number two reason for an ingrown toe nail? RUNNING. It’s a surprise it’s taken me 34 years to get one with all of the foot pounding I’ve done throughout my life. These dogs (my feet) have marched in parades, been in Greek steps shows, pranced in dance recitals, walked many days in cheap stilettos (in college), and ran multiple marathons.

While figuring out how in the world I get an ingrown toe nail now, that’s when I had a revelation: sometimes correction hurts. Now when my heart settles in on a truth I have to go find it in the Bible. If I can’t find it in the word I don’t accept it as truth. As a Jesus follower the Bible is my North Star. So there in Proverbs 3 I found verses that touch on not getting upset when the LORD disciplines you because he corrects those He loves.

My child, don’t reject the Lord’s discipline, and don’t be upset when he corrects you. For the Lord corrects those he loves, just as a father corrects a child in whom he delights
Proverbs 3:11-12

Back to the nail shop: had that woman gave me a great salt scrub, awesome buffing, and nail painting, her job would not have been done. In my ignorance I would have been satisfied. My feet would have been cute but unbeknown to me I would have went on with this situation that could have led to foot pain and possibly an infection. To specialize in pedicures and not address my ingrown toe nail would have been neglectful on her part. Wow, to not address my issue (as painful as it was for me) would be neglectful. I marinated on that idea the rest of my salon visit.

I left the salon with pretty toes, a tingly big toe, but a grander insight on God’s desire to discipline me because he loves me. And although his discipline is not comfortable and causes me to raise up sometimes, I’m glad he loves me enough to not neglect me and my issues that need correcting.

Run On,

Coach Moe

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