The weather has been quite unpredictable in Dallas lately. As a result I’ve hit the gym more than usual. I’ve developed a new liking for the elliptical machine. I can’t lie though. After thirty minutes, the idea of being in the same place having broke a sweat makes me a little loopy. Why am I not going anywhere!?

Anywho, the other day while on the elliptical machine I continued to marinate on a verse I found myself shouting when I learned I had an unexpected day off from work due to snow (well what we Texas folk call snow).

Rejoice In The Lord


I cannot count how many times I’ve heard and read this verse throughout my life. People have greeted me at their doorstep with this verse. I’ve seen people use this verse in comedy skits. I’ve lost count of the church services where this verse was used to stir the congregation up for a wonderful time of praise and worship. It’s kind of sort of like a Christian hype man’s go to verse. For those who attended hip hop concerts in the 90’s, its kind of like when the hype man would say “Ayyyyyyyyyyye Yo!” And you would respond “Aight!” But I digress. I stated all of that to state I’ve heard this verse a lot. A LOT.

So I’m marinating on this verse while on the elliptical machine and I begin to wonder:

What exactly am I rejoicing in? Am I rejoicing in it; it being the day?

I have to be honest. There are some days and some times I don’t feel like rejoicing because that particular day does not feel awesome. Life get’s hard. There are times I have struggles or I learn about the struggles of my friends, family, and loved ones and it’s hard to rejoice when they share what they’re going through. It’s not news worth rejoicing over. So yes, there are times when I’ve heard someone say this verse and I wanted to say “Go sit down somewhere…please.” But on this particular day of run/walk/stair step/gliding, whatever the motion it is you do on an elliptical machine I wondered what if I’ve been looking at this from a jaded angle. What if this verse is not about me rejoicing about the things that occur within my day but rejoicing in the fact that God made the day? Rejoicing in it, it being the fact that the Lord made this day. And if God made this day, I can rejoice out of relief because He controls this day. Recognizing that God is in control can bring about rejoicing because I know God will do what He said He will do, which is never abandon me, His child.

God Is In Control

God Has Not Forsaken

So whether I wake up to an unexpected day off from work or an intense day of multi-tasking, I can rejoice. Whether it’s a day my pantry is full of food or I’m looking down at an over ripe peach, a smashed banana and a bran muffin not knowing where my next meal is coming from, I can rejoice (true story). When I learn of a loved one who has been hit with one of life’s blows, I can genuinely rejoice, because God made this day. He’s in control. Focusing more on who created the day and less on what the day might consist of positions the heart for rejoicing in any circumstance. And because He’s in control I can rest assured that He will provide, He knows what’s best according to His will, and most importantly He knows what’s best for my soul.

In running and in life, run on.

~Coach Moe

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