Runner’s Revelations

Runner’s Revelations is a compilation of blog entries I created while training for my first marathon. I ran as a member of the North Texas Team World Vision: Dallas, TX. As a runner for the team, I made the commitment to raise funds to provide clean water to villages in Africa where there is either a contaminated water supply or no water at all. I initially started my blog to document the physically rigorous stages of marathon training. I knew it was going to be tough, and I wanted my friends to read my daily bouts with the pavement. But the more intense my workout sessions became, the more I had to focus. My primary focus was usually on praying to complete my workout without passing out. Over time my prayer to make it through a workout became more devotional. God began to reveal things to me about my life. Sometimes they were good and confirming and other times He revealed character flaws that were quite shameful. I did not intend to go on a spiritual journey. But it turned out that way.

As I read over my journal entries, I realized that what I had experienced was so amazing. God revealed to me that this work could possibly encourage others to get up and start exercising. He also revealed to me that even in exercise and sports, He deserves the glory. As a result of allowing myself to be used by God, I am in the best shape of my life. Not to mention I raised money to help a village get access to clean water. Attaching God’s will to my workouts have changed my view on health and wellness. I no longer exercise to maintain a certain weight or look. I exercise so that God can use me at the level He has designed me for. I am committed to physically, spiritually and mentally living the life God intended me to live. And hopefully, by the time you finish this book, you will be revved up and ready to do the same.

As you read this book, please keep in mind that this was originally a blog for my friends and donors to read. I did not change the grammar because I wanted to keep the integrity of the original blogs I submitted. You will notice that I did not blog every day. I have included the dates of the entries that I did make. At the end, you will notice a section called Taper Testimony. In the runner’s world, the first few weeks after a big race is referred to as a taper period. This is when a runner’s body recuperates from the exertion of tremendous amounts of energy and nutrients from the day of the race. Runners are expected to rest, eat properly and ease back into exercising so that they can be strong and ready for another race. I took this time to also reflect on the physical, mental and spiritual changes I experienced.

It is my hope that as you read Runner’s Revelations, you will take the time to pray and hopefully experience a revelation of your own. This book is the result of me pushing myself to the limits, opening myself up to correction and making the choice to change for the better. I pray that you receive something positive from my experiences.