Run This: Seeds and Trees (Faith)

I have a necklace. I like my necklace. Not only is it a tangible reminder of what God can do, but a good conversation starter. A few months back a friend of mine made it for me. I call her work Wearable Scriptures. The little speck in the glass vial

Run This: I Will Rejoice

The weather has been quite unpredictable in Dallas lately. As a result I’ve hit the gym more than usual. I’ve developed a new liking for the elliptical machine. I can’t lie though. After thirty minutes, the idea of being in the same place having broke a sweat makes me a

Run This: I Know The Lake

As a runner who lives in Dallas I run at White Rock Lake from time to time. I’ve grown very fond of White Rock Lake over the past six years. As a Dallas native I’ve always been aware of White Rock Lake. As a matter of fact, in high school