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Monisha "Coach Moe" Randolph

Monisha “Coach Moe” Randolph

As a certified running coach through Road Runners Club of America, Monisha “Coach Moe” Randolph uses a holistic approach to motivate youth and adults to learn the dynamics of running. As a personal trainer, Monisha coaches a unique running program tailored to fit the exact needs of enrolled athletes. Most of Coach Moe’s programs are designed with the beginner runner in mind.

Monisha’s clientele has included clients ranging from ages 6 to 67. However her most popular class is the Sole Patrol 5K Training Program (adults) she coaches in collaboration with Concord Church of Dallas, TX.  In all of her running classes, program participants gain insight on the fundamentals of running, improving their running mechanics, increasing pace control, and incorporating distance running into a fitness regimen. Training programs and clinics are designed to challenge the program participant. However, these clinics and classes also provide a safe place where program participants are encouraged to live healthy lifestyles and celebrate their accomplishments together.

In addition, Coach Moe’s heart for youth and her community drives her to encourage youth to be healthy and confident in all aspects of life. Her youth geared classes and workshops promote physical activity, nutrition, the importance of self-love, and positive relationships with their peers and others.


♦ The Author RunRev_Cover-proof4


Monisha Randolph’s first book, Runner’s Revelations: How Running Changed My Walk is an amazing account of her journey as an athlete, philanthropist and servant of Jesus Christ. Runner’s Revelations unveils Monisha’s daily bouts with the pavement and reveals her intimate journey to spiritual and physical health.

Pulled right from her personal journal blogs, Runner’s Revelations reveals how running changed Monisha’s Christian walk and gives readers a candid and humorous look at the physical and spiritual peaks and valleys she experienced while training for her first marathon.

Alexandria Williams, co founder and certified sports nutritionist of Sporty Afros says,

Runner’s Revelations is a quick read and packed with insightful tips and “ah-ha” moments any one can relate to. Monisha’s writing style is simple and to the point. From the passing of her grandfather to dealing with cyst and cancer screenings, she describes her joy, pain, struggles, injuries and the spiritual enlightenment she received through running. As I read the book, I felt like I was right there with her! Monisha makes everyone want to take a spot in her cheering section!

♦ The Blogger: Run This

124 MonishaMonisha continues to use her workout time as time to reflect and process. Run This, in it’s current state, is a continuation of Runner’s Revelations: How Running Changed My Walk, an invitation into the into the quirky, thought provoking, and sometimes emotional revelations that she discovers while on a run, at the gym, or teaching a running class.




♦ Coach Moe In The Community

By connecting the dots between physical health and spiritual health, Monisha motivates her audience by using running analogies to expand their vision, knowledge, and understanding of life. Through sharing her personal stories of adversity, triumph, and change she proves that life is a marathon.

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