Hello Everyone, 

I received a few questions via email and Facebook about the Sole Patrol 5K Training Program. I figure if one person asked the question there are probably ten more people thinking the exact same thing. In the video below I try to answer most of the questions I received. Please feel free to post any additional questions you may have!

There are still openings in each group.

Register at goo.gl/zLoFgA.

The Newbie Class starts Monday, April 27th
The Sharpie Class starts Tuesday, April 28th
The Virtual 5K Training Program starts Monday, April 27th
I look forward to coaching you!

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  1. Hello Monisha, Are there any classes for 2016 scheduled for Sole Patrol 5K Training?

    • Hey Diane, I have a 5K Class coming up in September. It's going to be held at Fair Park.